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So are you looking to get some animation done but you’re unsure of what’s involved? Or you simply want to know how animation is done from start to finish? Well, you’re in the right place!  We want your experience of working with us to feel simple, enjoyable. You are in expert hands. This simple article explains our animation production process – so you can see what you’ve got to look forward to!

In turning your idea into animation, we make use of an animation production pipeline. The animation production pipeline is a detailed game plan for your project. It shows the specific order in which the work flows.

At Basement, our animated video production pipeline flows like this:

SCRIPT. We can work with your script if you have one or help you create one that says exactly what it needs to. We’ll help tell your story in a way that will inform, engage, and entertain your audience.

ANIMATION DIRECTION. Is there a particular style of animation you would prefer? You can send a reference video for us to work with. Our art director takes the approved script along with any reference video you provide to create the characters, props, and environments/background as a basis for the rest of the art department to work from.

STORYBOARD. The storyboard team plots the action using the script, character frames, props, and locations that have been created. They figure out the most effective way to deliver your message in a series of static images. It’s quick and easy for us to make changes at this stage.

VOICEOVER/RECORDING. We help you find the right voice to tell your story or work with one you have already chosen and supplied.

ANIMATIC. The animatic is usually the last stage in the preproduction process. Animatic involves shooting successive sections of a storyboard. The voice-over is added as well as a soundtrack. It is the preliminary version of a film.

After the animatic has been made and approved, we move to the animation stage. The background for the animation is created and the characters are laid out on it.

ANIMATION  This is where we give life to the characters, Literally. The animators make the characters talk, walk, and feel using the storyboard and some pre-recorded acting as a reference. Here, your ideas truly come to life. It’s our favorite part of the process and pretty much the basic essence of our existence.

EFFECTS  Special sound and visual effects are added to give the animation an edge.

COMPOSITION  All of the film’s animated elements are brought together, layer by layer and scene by scene, into one place, ready for the final touches to be applied. A shadow here and a sparkle there to make it appealing to the viewers.

EXPORT/RENDER We commit all our hard work to the final picture. Your animation is now ready.

SOUND DESIGN/FINAL MIX. Voice over, music, and sound effects are mixed and tweaked to the animation to ensure that it hits all the right notes.

FINAL CUT/EDIT.  Here is where we join all shots and scenes into one single clip.


Do We Offer Each of These Production Services Individually?

Sure! At whatever stage your production is, we are ready to step in and finish up.

Got any idea? BASEMENT ANIMATION STUDIO has got the right video for you. Check out our animation services page for more information and samples.

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