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In celebration of International Women’s Day, Basement Animation Studio continued its tradition of hosting panel discussions for the third consecutive year. This year’s event took place virtually, bringing together esteemed professionals from the animation industry to discuss women’s participation and leadership roles.

Moderated by Ukpeme Uwakwe from Basement Animation Studio, the panel featured insightful discussions with Zainab Balami of Zazou Productions, Vanessa Sinden of Triggerfish Animation, and Kemi Esther Gbadamosi. The panelists shared their experiences, expertise, and perspectives on how women can actively engage and assume leadership positions within the Animation Industry.

Throughout the discussion, key themes emerged, including the importance of mentorship, breaking gender stereotypes, fostering inclusivity, and advocating for equal opportunities. Panelists shared inspiring anecdotes from their own journeys, highlighting challenges faced and strategies employed to overcome them.

The virtual format allowed for broader participation, engaging a diverse audience from across the globe. Interactive Q&A sessions provided attendees with the opportunity to further explore topics of interest and gain valuable insights from the panelists.

Overall, the panel discussion served as a platform for meaningful dialogue, empowerment, and inspiration, reaffirming Basement Animation Studio’s commitment to promoting gender diversity and equality within the animation community.