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why is a portfolio necessary?

When applying for a job as an animator, character designer, storyboard artist, visual artist, it is required that you submit a portfolio of your work.

Meeting the job requirements alone does not cut it. As an artist one thing that would speak for you even when you have not met your potential client or employer is your portfolio. It’s your one shot at impressing them.


what should my animation portfolio look like?

Your portfolio is like a show reel consisting of your artwork. It’s also an expression of who you are so you should go all out in making it look neat, presentable and organised.

Your most recent and relevant work should come first. Don’t bore the HR guys out. They probably have hundreds of other portfolios to look at. It should not be too lengthy so curate it carefully.  

Show a good variety of skills. Show a walk cycle, a bit of acting, some lip sync, some effects animation if you have it. Just show what you can do. It might be exactly what your employer wants to see . Don’t go overboard or exaggerate.

Give a list of software you can use. It’s important to let your employer know which  programs you are pro efficient in. 

A list of projects you have done will be an added advantage. Provide the name of the project, the company it was for, what role you played in its execution, and a link to the work.


A typical animation portfolio should have a mix of the following: (consider them your AP essentials)

  1. Life Drawings
  2. Object Drawings
  3. Layout
  4. Character Drawings
  5. Hand Drawings
  6. Animal Drawings
  7. Storyboards
  8. Animation.

But if the application is role specific, say position for Character Builders for example then your portfolio should have more of character drawings.

In summary, investing time and effort into each of the artwork that make up the portfolio and presenting them in a professional manner will go a long way in creating a good and lasting impression on your potential client or employer.



The simple answer is YES.

We need to know a bit about you.

Give us a list of programs you can use .Tell us which programs you use very well and then list other programs you can use too.

Also give us a short list of relevant work history Give us the name of the project, the company you did it for, the role you had on the project and a link to the work.

Good luck with putting together your portfolio and CV. We want to see it!!