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The Basement Storyboard Internship Program 2020 is here!

We are currently looking to bring in Storyboard artists that will work closely with our Development and Production team.

The ideal candidate should be innovative, driven, hands on and be willing to put their knowledge into real world projects and get hands on experience.

The internship offers eligible and aspiring animators the opportunity to acquire direct practical experience in an Animation Industry.

The program which will last for a period of 6- months during which Interns will work on a 2D Animation project, from concept to completion, this will give you firsthand knowledge of the animation production pipeline through your involvement.

By the end of the program, you can expect a much-improved skill set. You will get the opportunity to build your portfolio while developing your skills as an artist.



To be considered for this internship, you are required

  • to have basic drawing and sketching ability
  • to be available 5 days a week throughout the 6-month period
  • to know the basics of using a computer and graphics software.
  • Also, previous knowledge of any animation software is a huge plus.