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The Basement Character Animation Internship Program 2023 is here!

As part of our mission to continuously develop and harness Africa’s Creative Talent, we are calling animation graduates and self-taught animators to apply for our 2D animation program with employment opportunities.

The program will focus on using industry software, building core skills, and having firsthand knowledge of the animation production pipeline. All skills will be developed through projects that simulate actual studio assignments that are directed by our development and production teams. You’ll also complete a major project that ties together all the skills covered in the program.

The program is scheduled to be an intensive 6- month training in an environment where participants will be encouraged to cooperate rather than compete.

To be considered for an internship, you are required

  • to have basic drawing and sketching ability
  • to be available 5 days a week throughout the 6-month period
  • to know the basics of using a computer and graphics software.
  • Also, previous knowledge of any animation software is a huge plus.