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Exciting news!

ArtoP Nigeria will be cataloging Basement Animation’s Down Town Lagos for their upcoming documentary which will kick off 2020.

Great news yeah?

ArtoP Nigeria is a research project capturing the visual expression of politics and Nigerian elections. They set out to capture the visual and textual articulation of political ideas and have constructed positions and discourse on the politics of elections through the images produced by Nigerian artists and respective creative industries.

ArtoP identifies the creators of artistic content that engage with political discourse across regions in Nigeria, focusing on how artists operate within and outside of official networks in Nigeria and contested spaces on social media during the elections contested in 2019. It also focuses on the type of images that are being created with a view to collect, curate and analyze evidence for archival purposes. 

The representatives of ArtoP who visited Nigeria are Charlie Gore; an anthropologist and figurative/expressionist artist in various media; and Paula Callus; a research expert in sub-Saharan African animation from the University of Bournemouth.

On their visit to Nigeria to conduct their research for the ArtoP documentary, they visited some studios including Basement Animation Studio, where they had a conversation with the CEO of Basement Animation, Mbuotidem ‘MB’ Johnson, where they discussed in depth about the ’DO AS WE DO’ episode of DOWNTOWN LAGOS.


‘DO AS WE DO’ was released by Basement Animation, just in time for the 2019 election in Nigeria, it talked about people’s perception of elections. It exposes people’s actions, reactions and views towards politics with a humorous tone.

‘DO AS WE DO’ encourages everyone to become more proactive as regards every aspect of nation building and political issues, the story has political insights which is in line with ArtoP’s research. This is essentially why the episode was selected to be catalogued by ArtoP for their documentary.

 Down Town Lagos is about two friends, Olajide Dollar and Chike Chicago, who despite their daily struggles are determined to ‘make it’ in Lagos. Each episode of Down Town Lagos uses animation and comedy to illustrate how Olajide Dollar and Chike Chicago constantly come up with new and more silly schemes to make money and become successful in the city of Lagos.

Down Town Lagos touches on real issues affecting Nigeria; sending a message to its viewers through comedy, keeping Nigeria and Nigerian issues at the core of each episode.

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